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SKU: Prise en cage


Medium and mixed media on recycled canvas. Frame included

Dimensions  : 23.5 X 19 in



Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped. Stuck between two walls, between two opinions, between two thoughts, between two desires, between two needs and especially between several complex emotions. Sometimes painting is the only thing that gives me happiness, that soothes me, that makes me feel alive and at peace, in control with myself and with my life. 


This canvas is the result of a desire to test casting and marbling techniques learned on YouTube. But it is above all an intense emotional liberation that invaded me little by little. You know, that little voice in your head that tells you nonsense all day long and that if you forget to turn it off, it increases in power and internal sound. The more this voice grows, the more your feeling of inferiority, of fear, of doubt, of lack of esteem also grows. 


Sometimes, without expecting it, our ego appears larger than life and tries to stop us in our throw. In our race for life, the person we dream of having and being. Over time, I learned to “Deal” with this part of my being. This part which can in some cases be useful, but which often puts more sticks and rocks in front of us than anything else. She tries to make us retreat, or even make us stay put. Because what could be worse for people of evolution, in a rapidly changing world, than to stay there and wait? 


Life is a series of transformations, challenges, joys, fear, doubts, sadness, twists and turns and magic. This canvas reminds me of those dark parts which live in me and which are necessary for my radiance. For without shadow there can be no light. And without light there can be no shadow. 

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