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Little soul

Little soul

SKU: âme

Acrylic on recycled canvas

Dimensions: 12 X 16 in



Sometimes we feel very small. Very mini in this immensely large and complex universe. Other times, we feel like we are apart from others and ourselves. Even though, sometimes, we really believe we are isolated, that we are the one and only person to experience what we are going through.

But did you know that before being born, our souls are far from being separated? They are accompanied and guided towards these experiences which we call life.

If you feel helpless, look with your heart around you. Ask yourself, sincerely, in all vulnerability where the light is. Maybe you don't see her right now, but tell yourself it's just a transition, a tough time that will definitely pass. When your heart, your soul will have found the flame again and you will have discovered enough love in you, all this feeling of loneliness will slowly dissipate.


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