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My Luna

My Luna

SKU: Lune

Techniques : mixed

Acrylic on recycle cutting board.

Dimensions: 12 '' X 15 ''



Do you know the animated film "Journey to the Moon" from Netflix? With my passion for spirituality, excursions, personal transformations and of course, the moon, this cinematographic work has touched and inspired me enormously.

This canvas is the result. It happens to me to paint while listening to this kind of films  or those that make you think. Which helps us to have a different look on the perception of our being, our history, our fellow human beings and our problems.

What if the real journey of our life is the one we create and travel through within our very heart and soul? What if, every evening, when we close our eyes and dream, we set off on a journey to the moon, the universe and other still unknown stars? Or even unexplored by an open human gaze?

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