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Why doubting is good for your development

Happy Monday to you beautiful soul!

Do you ever feel completely lost? To doubt your place in your professional and personal life? To no longer know what you have to, little wants to do / achieve? To ask yourself the same questions over and over again while hoping for an immediate answer?

Know that all these reflections are normal, even necessary for your development. Questioning ourselves allows us to revise our value systems, prioritize and check if our dreams and goals are still current.

If you feel lost these days, write to me, I am here to walk you towards clarity if that is your wish.

If you liked to experiment with new techniques to shed some light and see / understand / discover what makes you doubt and / or block in your life projects, join me during my virtual intuitive creation workshop. I am convinced that you will find answers there. How it can help you put on the right glasses and open the right windows!

For more details, it's here:

Namasté Your guide and intuitive artist

Elodie P.

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1 Comment

Charlotte Habegger
Charlotte Habegger
Dec 12, 2021

J'aime beaucoup ton approche / I love your approach

Ça me rappelle une chanson de Jack Johnson / It reminds me of a song by Jack Johnson

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