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Who is Élodie ?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Because you are more and more to follow me! I recently published this text on my private group: Les rois et reines de l'intuition.

Hello to you the intuitive, or in the process of being, I am Élodie Paquette, 32 years old, originally from and still living in Laval, Quebec. I could tell you that I am also a not always easy spouse, in a relationship with the same man, not always easy either, for 16 years already! And yeah, time flies!

By the way, I LOTS like emoticons, exclamation points and anything that can give a "punch" to my texts... because in life, those who know me know how much I put intonation when I speak In short, who am I to guide you towards your intuitive reconnection, your self-esteem and your creativity? I have always been very attentive to my intuition. Obviously, like many adults, I ended up forgetting it, hiding it, burying it under a ton of limiting, embarrassing, frustrating beliefs and under many masks... Like many people, I lost myself for a long time and hated got lost. You know the kind of vicious circle that keeps you spinning until you break?

One day, I broke! I felt deep inside me that this life hadn't called me for a long time. That everything I was doing, it wasn't vibrating anymore. I felt that I needed to find my place, to feel useful, free and in love with life, but above all with myself. I understood that the attention, the love, the approval that I was looking for in others, I was never going to find. That this ideal unicorn world that I thought existed outside of me was just an illusion of reality. I just had to learn to love myself, respect myself and reconnect with my intuition, with my inner child. I will tell you more about it another time.

Today, after years of rebuilding myself, learning, testing, exploring, experimenting with techniques, tools, reading books, attending seminars, following specialists, coaches, etc. Today, I can say with gentleness and conviction that I love myself, that I listen to myself and that I love life with a capital A. Does that mean I love myself 100% of the time? That I no longer doubt, no longer question myself? That I'm always 100% happy and aligned with my purpose to be? Oh NO! Well no you! I am not perfect. Well yes I still need and until the end of my life support, motivation, etc.

Yes sometimes I feel lost and disillusioned, but that's part of life! And that's what makes life so hectic, so beautiful, so exciting. Our challenges are present to open our eyes. They are there to help us surpass ourselves, transcend ourselves and evolve. They are there to help us adapt and modify our toolbox!

The human being is a being of evolution and intuition. Sometimes we just need a few reminders to stay on course for what we really want Maybe this text will make you say… "heee what kind of blog I fell into" or even "Oh boy, how complicated and um… weird…" etc. Or maybe you will recognize yourself in part of my disjointed and not always precise text XD

In any case, I welcome you here and if you haven't already done so, I invite you to introduce yourself. Not what you do for a living there.. nenon... introduce yourself REALLY! with vulnerability and authenticity. And if not, that's ok too, thank you for reading me to the end! Looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you Namaste Your artist and intuitive guide, Elodie

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