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How to love yourself better?

I am often asked "How can I love yourself better, in order to learn to love yourself? ". Recently a young colleague asked me if I could help her, teach her a few things about the famous "self love".

In my opinion, one of the first steps is also the most difficult ... I'm talking about acceptance here!

Accept that we don't love each other!

Accept that we believe we do not deserve the love of others and therefore our own love for ourselves.

Accept that we are imperfect.

Accept that we are worth better than what we imagine.

Accept compliments without making excuses, sincerely saying "thank you."

Accept all of our shadows.

Accept all our shares of enlightenment too.

Accepting that love does not come from others, we do not meet it on the outside, but on the inside. In our own heart, in our soul. True universal Love is within reach of everyone. But to find it, you have to know how to accept it and welcome it into your life.

Hope this text helps you find some self-comfort and love for yourself.

I also wish you all a happy holiday season filled with sweetness, lightness and self-love. 💜 🎄☃️🕉💜


Your artist and intuitive guide

Elodie P.

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