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Do you believe in magic?

Have you ever felt like everything is aligning for you? That everything that happens, did you order it from the universe or from Santa Claus?

Crédit photo @ Alain Senécal


Recently, I asked this question on my Facebook group "Les rois et reines de l'intuition'' : A free master class to talk about how to activate your creative power, are you interested? I was also invited to share my expertise during the virtual event: The secret of our experts on how to get out of the metro, work, sleep... well, I feel a great cohesion in all this. Just when I tell myself that I want to collaborate with other experts for a master class and a potential cohort… bam! I am invited to share my advice during a virtual summit. 🤩😮 Seriously, what are the odds if it's not magic 😉🧚‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧙‍♀️ In short, if I tell you this, it's to make you understand that sometimes, even often, life hears us and puts us what we asked for on our way. If we are not ready to receive it, life will bring it back to us at the right time. Pssttt... to hear me and several other experts on the subject of metro work sleep and routine, register for free right here : Psstt #2 … if you're short on time, sign up and you'll receive 15-minute mini capsules from each expert 😁

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