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Start the year gently and slowly

Hello to you intuitive! It's been a while since I spoke to you here! How is your start to the year going? Here, it is with softness, slowness and lightness that I start it. I haven't even done my 2021 assessment yet. I have a few goals in mind for 2022, including the words #lightness and #simplicity that come back to me often. Normally, I will stress about having to take stock, review my good moves, not so good and look at my accounts, etc. But this year, and the end of 2021 ... I felt I needed to be slow. To pick up. To take the time to take the time for real. Not just a little time in my day or in my week, no, but for a few weeks. My god that does me immense good! And I even had this idea that came up ... What if I organized my schedule on half days instead of 8-9am days? If I am an entrepreneur / self-employed worker, it is good to choose my schedule as I want. I realize over time that less is so much more! And what more, it makes me turn in solid circles! What I mean is slowing down allows me to stay connected to my essence, to be proactive for a short period of time, and to do what I want afterwards, without restriction. Which equals: + joy + happiness = +++ motivation and success! Does that mean that I limit myself to working 3-4 hours a day and then we stop the machine all the time? Of course not! Sometimes I want to work more, so I work longer, sometimes after 2 hours, that's the most I can do in my day, so I stop and do something else. For some it may seem chaotic and disorganized. But for me who has a multi-potential brain (or zebra, HP, in tree structure, TDA, etc etc ...) it is a method that suits me and with which I advance at a pace that thrills me and makes me proud. After all, I am not an entrepreneur to be a prisoner and in the service of my company. If I am, it is good to serve others and that my business serves me as well. Does that mean I'm making less money? Not necessarily. Like I said, I am more active and productive with half days than a full day. And what's more, more aligned, more attentive to my feelings and my intuition.

And you, how do you see the next year? How would you like to live it? What words represent what you really want? Photo Credit Alain Senécal

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